About us

The cuisine of Lebanon is the epitome of the Mediterranean diet.

Lebanon is the direct descendant of the ancient land of the Phoenicians. Those ancient sailors, known for their well-developed sciences and trade, traveled the Mediterranean and greatly influenced the cuisine of those whom they reached via their trade routes. The Phoenicians introduced wine and olive oil to the world and much later the Lebanese introduced Hummus and Tabbouleh.

The Barakat family has an established history in catering and hospitality which dates back to the 1930s when John (Hanna) Barakat established “Al Ahweh” in the picturesque village of Ain Ebel in the mountains of South Lebanon. In 1948 John’s eldest son, Joseph (a true entrepreneur) took over and expanded the operation to include hospitality, catering, entertainment, and retail.

Joseph’s four sons came to Europe to pursue higher education and after successful careers in catering, hospitality, retail, and investment banking, the four brothers set up the UK operation in 2002. The first restaurant was opened on the Fulham Broadway and instantly became a local favorite.

In 2008, Joseph’s younger brother, Pierre established Mandaloun on the other side of the Atlantic in Jacksonville, the largest city in the sunshine state of Florida.